About Us

CVJ Asian Market is a New Jersey registered business located in Toms River, New Jersey and is accepting online orders 24x7 365 days a year. We accept Paypal and all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. For customer services, it is best to reach out via email at info@cvjasianmarket.com so all inquiries are recorded. If you prefer talking to a live person, please call our office between the hours of 9am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays at (973) 671-0515. You can also leave a voicemail with your callback number so we can return your call.

We originally launched CVJ Asian Market as an online Filipino grocery store carrying famous brands like 555, Century, Hormel, Purefoods, Oishi, Jack N Jill, Regent, Kopiko, San Mig, Great Taste, Nescafe, Milo, Nagaraya, Bear Brand, Nido, Gina, Mogu Mogu, Luzona, Aling Conching, Goldilocks, Golden Hands, Barrio Fiesta, Kamayan, Kayumanggi, Kapuso, Star, Ludy’s, Eden, Ques-O, Nora Kitchen, Mama Sita’s, Lucky Me, Royal, Fiesta Pinoy, Sarap Pinoy, White King, UFC, Datu Puti, Silver Swan, Mother’s Best, Rufina, Ricoa, Fibisco and a lot more.

We expanded our offerings to health and beauty products as more customers see the value of Asian products.  Shampoos, conditioners, skin whitening soaps, derma soaps, face creams, pain killers, skin care routine products and home essentials are found in our website store with brands like Palmolive, Cream Silk, Sunsilk, Kojie San, Eskinol, Maxipeel, Belo Essentials, Rexona, Likas, RDL, Katialis, Mena, Chin Chun Su, Flawlessly U, Silka, Placenta, Goatmilk, Pureganics, YSA, SkinWhite, Whiteflower, Gluta-C, Baby Bench, Perla, Omega, Tawas, PH Care, Sebo De Macho, Katinko, Lyna and Safeguard.

In addition to Filipino products, we continue to add popular brands from China, Korea, Japan and Thailand, including but not limited to pasta, ramen noodles, fruit flavored beverages, baking needs, instant coffee, tea, and favorite snacks.  We carry brands like Three Crabs, Kikkoman, Lobo, Chakoah, Chin-Chin, Tiparos, Nissin, Sapporo, Sau Tao, Wai Wai, Pu-Li, Oriental Mascott, Lotte, Nongshim, Gold Kili, Calbee, TaoKaeNoi, Natcha, Pantai, Koh Kae, Lee Kum Kee, Mae Ploy, Assi and more brands are being added on monthly basis.

Orders that are $59 or more ship free.  Delivery within New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are usually within 1-2 business days. For Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas, it will usually take 2-3 business days. For the  Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Ohio regions, delivery time can take up to 4 days, while for the Western region, it can take up to 8 business days. Please visit our FAQ regarding Returns & Shipping policies for additional information.

CVJ Asian Market also offers digital gift cards and a  3% cashback rewards system which you can use for your next purchase. To earn rewards, you must:

  1. Sign-up (using your email) with the CVJ Rewards
  2. Login with the same email to begin your purchase.
  3. Earn additional points by submitting reviews, subscribing to newsletters, facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.

CVJ Asian Market is a secured ecommerce website. While we collect email address and phone numbers to successfully track your orders, we do not save or store any payment information. In addition, we do not share customer information without written approval. All customer reviews are posted online only when they are permitted.